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If you so desire to spoil me rotten, here are all the ways you can! I never expect anything from you but I have created this page because I am constantly asked what I desire by fans and members who want to buy me something so I figured I would make things easy by compiling a list of everything my heart desires! FYI, My birthday is April 14. Want to send me a card/letter, present, or money directly? Here is my mailing address. Stalkers, don't get too excited because it's not my home address ;) I rent a mailbox at the UPS store so I can have all my letters and packages delivered to me discreetly and anonymously. I usually pick up my mail once a week or more often if I can when I am informed by e-mail that something has been sent to me. Want to let me know a parcel is on the way? E-mail me and let me know you are sending something!

D. James Wish List

This is my largest list of things I desire! Amazon sells almost everything!

TIP ME with your credit card

You can't go wrong with some good ol' fashioned cold hard cash!


You can also purchase me e-gift certificates so I may shop online! e-gift certificate. Send gift cards to





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